Commitment to Security and Trust

Security is your number one priority, that’s why it is ours too.

Powow AI ensures that in each decision made, Security and Privacy are at the forefront. Our goal is to continually balance the increased transparency and data access you get when Powow joins your meetings with best-in-class security and privacy for our customers. This is our commitment to you.

We built Powow for the Enterprise environment.

Our customers trust us with secured content from their board rooms, conference calls, and client meetings. It is our responsibility to keep it secure. That is why we selected one of the premier hosting platforms, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), for data storage. GCP assures high availability, security, and encryption of data at rest at the highest industry standards.

Your meetings are your data.

Our platform has a “disallow by default” access control model. To assure your content is only accessible by you and those with whom you’d like to share it, we assure several layers of protection including strict registration protocols, role permissions, and account activity views for administrators. Captured meeting audio and all user content associated with it never leaves our network except when accessed by the appropriate user in our web application.

For more detail on the steps Powow AI takes to ensure our customer’s data is secured, contact