Using Self ID Command

With Powow all voices in the meeting are recognized!

By leveraging a simple in-meeting command, all participants will be assigned to their speech in a meeting automatically. This is an additional option for assigning participants; you still have the ability to assign participants manually.

Each registered Powow user gets a personalized four-digit number to use with the voice recognition command. It is available in your Profile Settings, in the Voice ID tab.

Besides the Self ID command, the Voice ID tab also contains a Voice ID enrollment record (if it was enrolled by the user previously). With Voice ID enrolled, saying Self ID command is not necessary; Voice ID will be looking to recognize your voice across all the meetings in your Organization. Self ID, on the other hand, can be used for one-time voice recognition.

If you need more detailed guidance of how to access your profile settings, read Manage Profile Details article.
Organization Admins can view other User’s Voice ID numbers in the Organization menu, Users/Admins sections.

Using Self ID in meetings

Self ID becomes a command in a meeting to assign participants automatically.

Say the following during your meeting:

Identified by: your voice id number
Example: Identified by one nine eight nine

This command works for the particular meeting where it was stated. If you would like to assign yourself to transcribed speech during other meetings, leverage this command in each meeting.

A command for Self ID applies to the whole meeting. If the command is set more than once during a meeting, only the last command will be recognized. You can leverage the Self ID command at any point during the meeting.

Digits must be said separately and clearly pronounced. For example: “0” is said as “zero”.

Self ID in the meeting properties

When the meeting is finished and submitted to the web app, proceed to the meeting dashboard.

Find the Participants key at the top right, and click to see the list of Participants. If all invited participants to the meeting had a user account in Powow and pronounced their voice ID correctly:

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