How to Invite the Powow Agent to your Meetings

Ways to invite Powow

Inviting the Powow Agent is the first step to tapping into the full value from your meetings. By inviting the Powow Agent to your meetings, Powow will record, transcribe, and analyze the conversation enhancing productivity for you and your team. Powow can join any meeting that has a dial-in number (e.g. conference line, cellphone) or is hosted on Microsoft Teams. Integrations with other teleconference providers without dial-in numbers will be coming soon.

Any Powow user can create a meeting and invite the Powow Agent. Once a meeting invite is sent, it will be displayed in the Powow web app calendar as well, syncing automatically. Until you have the meeting, the invite will be displayed as a white cell.

If your organization has more than one Workgroup, a scheduled meeting will appear in the Home Workgroup of the meeting organizer. Invite to Meeting form allows you to choose Workgroup while setting up your call.

Inviting the Powow Agent with a calendar invite

The easiest way to start a meeting with Powow is by inviting the Agent like you would invite any other participant in your normal calendar. After sending the invite, the Powow Agent will join your meeting as a participant at the scheduled time.

If you use Zoom, Cisco WebEx, or Google Meet, follow instructions here.

If you use Microsoft Teams, connect Powow without a dial-in. You can find instructions here. You can also continue with the dial-in option if preferred.

For all other dial-ins, click here for instructions.

Regardless of your dial-in, please make sure to follow the Powow Invite Checklist.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Google Meet

Powow has custom integrations for MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Google Meet. With all of these conference call providers, make sure your meeting invite has a dial-in number. Note, this generally is available in paid plans only.

If you hold your meetings on MS teams, try the direct connection! No dial-in required. You can learn more here.
Please be aware that if you are sending meeting invites directly from the Cisco WebEx website or application, WebEx does not share a list of participants in the invitation email. Therefore, Powow will not receive the information on attending users and can not automatically share the meeting with them in Powow.

Invite example

Other dial-in numbers

If you don’t use the above teleconference applications, have no fear! The Powow Agent can attend any meeting with a dial-in. Your meeting will automatically sync with Powow Calendar once the invite is sent.

Inviting Powow Agent from the web app

If you didn’t invite the Powow Agent when scheduling the meeting, the Agent can still attend!

The Invite to Meeting form in the web app allows users to add the Powow Agent to an in progress or scheduled meeting. This can be useful if you forgot to invite the Agent, you want to delay when the Agent joins the meeting, or if you aren’t the original meeting owner but still want to include Powow.

With this invite method, Powow does not receive the attendee list like on a calendar invite. Therefore, the meeting won’t appear in the other participant’s calendars by default. Make sure to share access later in meeting properties.
If the meeting submits to the delegate owner’s account, make sure this user is a member of the Workgroup you picked from the list. Your Home Group is the default in this field.

Example for Zoom Meeting:

In Zoom meeting, copy any line with phone number from "one-tap mobile" section, e.g.:
+13017158592,,4518779345#,,,,,,0#,,12334567# US (Washington D.C)

then put in phone number section part with phone number:
+1 301 715 8592

Number in the middle will stand for Meeting ID:
451 877 9345

The rest insert to passcode:

The User, who’s Powow account the invite comes from, becomes a meeting Owner. It is important to verify with the original meeting owner before inviting the Powow Agent.

Create an offline meeting

To invite Powow to a meeting, we recommend that you invite Powow to one of the teleconference tools. However, if you don't have any convenient application available, you can conduct an offline call with Powow. Please be advised that personal mobile phones on “speaker mode” will result in reduced recording quality leading to reduced transcription quality.

If dialing Powow in for an offline meeting, we highly recommend that the other end of the dialed number is a teleconference phone or that the participants are connected to the answering phone with personal (eg, lapel) microphones.

If you chose this method to invite Powow, find the Invite to Meeting key on the upper toolbar

The key will open the window with a list of conference applications, select Other from the proposed options and follow the next steps:

Powow invite сhecklist

To make sure the Powow Agent attends your meeting on-time, double check each of these items below in your meeting invite:

Prefer Videos? Watch how to add Powow Agent on the call

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