Zoom Integration

Use Powow Zoom integration to recall your Zoom meetings easily, focus on crucial meeting insights, and add notes to meetings to create dialogue. Quickly review daily meetings to focus on critical points using the sentiment and drill-down to gain context.

For most conference apps, the Powow agent has to join the call, record the meeting and then process it in the webapp. But with Zoom integration no need to spend time on the standard inviting procedure of the Powow agent to all the calls. You can submit meetings from recorded audio data in your Zoom Cloud reflected in the Powow webapp. This integration allows you to effortlessly automate the process of meeting submission or choose meetings to submit yourself. These options are available in integration settings.

Unlock the value of your completed zoom recordings, which allows analyzing old but important meetings through Powow. As this integration works with all audio records from Zoom Cloud, you can submit your past meetings too!


Connect Zoom to Powow

Activating Zoom Integration takes only a few minutes. Zoom integration is personalized for each Powow user account, and is located in your Profile Settings. Follow the steps below to start accessing Zoom Cloud records in your Powow account:

If you meet any difficulties during the connection process, please, read the troubleshooting tips below.

How to use Zoom integration

No need to spend time inviting the Powow agent to your meetings; meetings can be submitted from recorded audio that is stored in your Zoom Cloud and mirrors in the Powow webapp. With audio records, Powow also gets the list of attendees of your meeting, and if they happen to be Powow users, they will automatically get access to the submitted meeting.

Using Zoom in Powow takes no effort. Automate the process of meeting submission or control the process by choosing which meetings to submit yourself. Both options are available in settings.

Follow the steps below to convert manually your cloud records to analyzed meetings:

With auto-submit, you don’t have to come back to Zoom settings every time you record a new meeting. Once the auto-submit is enabled, all the further meetings will submit to Powow automatically.

Note: once the auto-submit is enabled, all the new meetings will be submitted to the webapp without your control. This means that all the meeting attendees who are also Powow users will get view access to the submitted meetings (if they are members of the workgroup your meetings are submitted to). If you wish to control the process, disable the auto-submit and approve meetings manually.

Submitted meetings

Once the meeting is submitted to the webapp, it will appear in the Powow calendar and you will get the status of the meeting Owner. Meeting attendees in Zoom that are also the Powow users will be able to view the meeting in their calendars too if they are the members of the Workgroup the meeting is submitted to.

As the meeting owner, you will be able to archive and delete meetings at any time for your concern. Note that deleting the meeting from Powow calendar will not delete the audio record of the meeting from Zoom cloud.

You can also access the submitted meeting from the list in Zoom integration settings. Once the meeting is submitted, the meeting title becomes a link to the meeting. Also, you will see the status change from turquoise “Submit” to grey “Submitted” as shown on the screenshot below.

Disconnect Zoom

If you wish to no longer sync Zoom records with Powow, you can disconnect it any time. After disconnecting, all the records in the list shown before will disappear, though the submitted meetings will remain in the Powow webapp unless you archive them.

You can also revert the status back to connected by completing the steps above one more time.

There are two ways to disconnect Powow and Zoom:

Option 1 - To disconnect Zoom from the Powow webapp

Option 2 - Uninstall Powow app in Zoom

Tips for successful integration

If anything went wrong, these are tips for handling the issues.

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