Sharing Meeting Ownership: Delegate Owner

Delegate Owner

With Powow, a user can pass the ownership of all upcoming meetings scheduled from his/her account to another user in the same organization. Meeting ownership will be transferred to the delegate owner’s account in the delegate owner's Home Workgroup or the Workgroup chosen while setting up immediate dial-in (make sure the owner is a member of the group you chose!). The user that has delegated ownership will not have access to the meeting.

This feature allows a busy manager that has an executive assistant to maintain ownership of meetings even if he/she is not the one sending out meeting invites. In this use case the executive assistant sets up the manager’s account as the “Delegate Owner”. This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to delegate ownership.

Delegate Owner location

To access the Delegate Owner feature, go to Manage profile settings page, and scroll down to Access section. Delegate Owner is located under Email Aliases. On the right side you will see an Add key:

Add Delegate Owner


After saving, the name of the delegate will appear in the row with a clock icon next to it, indicating that your action is waiting for approval. The “X” next to the delegate’s name will allow you to cancel the request, or, if the action was already approved, remove a delegate user from your account.

On the other side, the user you chose as a delegate owner will receive a notification that allows him/her to approve or decline your action.

Once your Delegate Owner approves your action, Powow will alert you in the notification center. From now on, all meetings you schedule with your Powow account will be owned by your Delegate Owner. All past meetings will remain under your ownership.


One row below Delegate Owner, you will find Delegators. This row will list users who delegate meeting ownership to you. For example, if one or more accounts schedule the meetings for you, they will be listed in here. All the meetings these users submit will be forwarded to your ownership.

Note: if you set up a Delegate Owner, every single meeting that you submit from your account will be forwarded to this person and will not appear in your calendar!

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