Managing Access Groups

Access Groups location

Consistently inviting the same people in your workgroup to access a meeting? Wish there was a more efficient way to add viewers and managers to see your meeting content? Look no further than Access Groups!

To create Access Groups leave the Meetings section and open Settings from the sidebar menu. Choose Access Groups from the listed options.

Permissions to Access Groups

Access Groups can be leveraged by all members of your Powow Organization. The Access Groups that you set up in your account, though, will be accessible only for you. As a meeting Owner or with manage access to a non-private meeting, a user can give access to an Access Group.

Create a New Access Group

On the left side of the Access Groups window, you will see the search field and the “+” key next to it. The “+” key allows you to create a new Group. Once created, it will appear at the bottom of your Access Group list.

The right side of the window displays the members of the Access Group and their access rights. Both of which can be changed any time. To see the list on the right, click on the Access Group name on the left. The “+” in the top right of the User column, next to the user search field, is responsible for adding new users from your Workgroup to the selected Access Group.

The User search field searches for users already in the Access Group, not across the whole organization.

Add a New Access Group

Add Users to your Access Group

Manage Access Group

Edit Access Group name

Delete Access Group

Manage Users of the Access Group

Notes on Access Groups usage:

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