Case Study - International Organization

Increasing the productivity of large transformations with Powow

A large international organization focused on humanitarian and developmental aid has embarked on a year-long Microsoft product implementation. Moshe Naimi is an experienced senior consultant and the technical project manager for this business transformation. Having started using Powow three months ago, his project is more efficient and his productivity level has increased as a result of using Powow.

The Value of Powow

Powow is a productivity booster.

"During meetings, I am now able to focus on the conversation rather than diverting my attention to taking notes."

I’m more present in the discussion knowing that I have Powow on the line who will capture the key point for me. As a project manager, that is a key element of running productive and focused meetings.

Once the meeting is recorded, the review process is significantly easier and more complete than when I relied on handwritten notes and memory. Specifically, the automatic summary tool is what I leverage to ensure I’m capturing all of the critical content for the meeting minutes based on my defined agenda. With Powow, I am able to send out meeting minutes twice as fast and I can ensure they are comprehensive and meet my desired structure.

Team Feedback

The ability to reference the voice recording and transcription of meeting discussions allow attendees to receive meeting notes faster to then share with the rest of their organization.

"Powow keeps other team members abreast of decisions and speeds up the decision making processes."

In addition, sentiment analysis of the discussions allows managers to get a better sense of which key areas to keep their attention on.

For project managers, the ability to organize meeting agendas, track follow-up action items, and correlate discussions across different meetings provides a powerful tool to manage project deliverables and keep to timelines.


Powow drives significant efficiencies for me and my team. I will no doubt continue to use Powow in this effort along with other business transformations in our team’s future.