About Powow

Reimagining operational management with data science

Powow AI was founded in early 2019 by executives who have successfully grown companies from small startups to large operating entities that were subsequently sold to bluechip companies. The founders have a combined 40 years of hands-on experience supporting large transformation efforts in Fortune 500 organizations. They took this experience and molded a product that would fundamentally increase firm productivity and change the way meetings are held in corporate America. Powow AI is built on a foundation of Data Science capabilities combined with a deep knowledge of corporate process to produce a powerful management platform.

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How it works

How Powow AI Works

Our AI agent attends your meetings and offers a transcript of the discussion, sentiment analysis, follow-on actions, summaries, smart meeting minutes and insights spanning multiple meetings and teams



Captures meetings on any teleconference platform; no additional software downloads or integration required


Applies proprietary machine learning models to meeting dialogue, generating meeting minutes

Drive Results

Creates single meeting, multi-meeting, and enterprise value with meeting-data-driven decision making
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Smart, Intuitive, Enterprise-Ready

The Powow AI Solution

Powow AI offers an unprecedented array of features for the entire Operations and Technology organization

  • For the project participant and team member, easily recall past meetings, focus on key meeting insights, add notes to meetings to create dialogue
  • For the project leader, provide meeting minutes that reflect your priorities and objectives. Write your own meeting minutes, let Powow generate them automatically, or both
  • For the manager, use multi-meeting view to expand span of control. Quickly review daily meetings to focus on key points using sentiment, and drill-down to gain context
  • For the enterprise, enable unprecedented transparency and traceability, while ensuring content security and content-aware access controls

Key Value Adds

Address common pain points

Inconsistent meeting minutes

Meetings minutes are inconsistent, missing key actions, missing challenges that need to be met, and associated agenda items

Too many participants attend meetings

In many cases too many participants are invited because people that are uninvited feel left out and it generates a negative collaboration effect. This causes people that have little to contribute to that actual meeting to be focused on email or other nonproductive activities

Lack of follow-up

Lack of follow up cited as key challenge in ineffective meetings and a significant factor in why transformation efforts fail. Little Post meeting dialogue on meeting content between meetings

Complexity in transformation efforts

Difficult to track key items from meeting to meeting in large transformation efforts

Poor visibility across silos

Organizations often engage in parallel or redundant efforts across lines of business blind to solutions and actions undertaken by teams confronting similar challenges

Missed opportunities

Team members that have many meetings per day miss many other meetings from which they could gain insights. Teams often engage in parallel or redundant efforts across lines of business blind to solutions and actions undertaken by other teams confronting similar challenges in the very next room

Lack of transparency

Lack of of transparency causes many missed opportunities, including synergy across teams and siloed ideas

Low work productivity

Excessive time is spent on re-visiting and re-analyzing decisions from previous meetings due to lack of clarity on outcomes, actions, and decisions

Weak Span of Control

For managers of groups that have many meetings per day, Managerial Span of Control is difficult to achieve

Get Maximum Value From Your Meetings

Key Powow Features

  • transcription


  • key-items

    Actions, issues, questions

  • summaries

    Automatic summaries

  • minutes

    Smart meeting minutes

  • sentiment

    Sentiment highlights, lowlights

  • conf-platform

    Works with any conference platform


Read, replay, and share the text content of your meeting


Actions, issues, questions

Never miss an action item or an issue again with automatic item detection


Automatic summaries

Save time by allowing Powow to summarize your meeting automatically


Smart meeting minutes

Beautiful, complete, content-powered minutes to easily share progress with your team


Works with any conference platform

No new software to install; Powow will connect to any platform you use


Sentiment highlights, lowlights

Get insight on meeting highlights and lowlights, focusing your review on what matters most



No per-meeting, hourly, or storage costs

** For a limited time only: Try Essentials or Professional plan FREE for 3 months **

Essentials Plan
monthly per user

Meeting transcription

Custom corrections dictionary

Voice ID

Command recognition

Automatic activities, issues, and questions detection

Cross-meeting text search

Connect to any major teleconference platform

Professional Plan
monthly per user

All Essentials features, plus...

Meeting moments hilighting and sharing

Meeting associations and labels

Sentiment and engagement metrics

Automatic meeting summaries

Smart meeting minutes

Enterprise Plan
monthly per user

All Professional features, plus...

Meeting owner delegation

Topic search and highlighting

Meeting affinity analysis

Meeting series analysis

Confidential content

Audit history

Workgroup access model

Azure AD and Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

Tenant data isolation options


Why practitioners love Powow

What industry leaders are saying

Commitment to Security and Trust

Powow is built with Privacy and Security top of mind. As an enterprise SaaS product, our customers trust Powow AI to secure their data and meeting content with our robust security and privacy protocols. We are committed to excelling beyond your company’s high-standard of Privacy and Security, including leveraging:

Cloud based storage, with US-based data centers

Best-in-class data encryption

'Disallow by default' access control model

Turn-Key, Effective, & Very Easy to Use

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